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Prologue --

Title ;; No Use In Feeling Blue

Plot Details ;; The kids wake up in their respective plush hotel rooms, very confused and wondering where the hell they are. They're supposed to be student of Hope's Peak Academy, but this isn't the school they remember. Unlike the previous killing game, however, the majority of their memories are intact, so there is no need to reintroduce themselves. Upon meeting up, Shiroshiba reveals himself and tells them he is their new headmaster and that their high school life has been put on hold until further notice. At some point after the reveal of his intentions, the students attempt to fight back against him, and he kills Watanabe as an example to the fact that he is not fucking around.

Chapter One --

Title ;; Sugar We're Going Down

Plot Details ;; Everyone is pretty shaken up by the sudden turn of events and the death of Watanabe. There are a couple days while they discuss, terrified, what to do about the killing game, before Shiroshiba finally presents their first motive, and it ain't pretty.

Motive ;; Someone must be sacrificed and then all the killing will end (supposedly). Some people volunteer only to get shot down, and a few ideas get kicked around. Oshiro jokingly says that Fujita or Iwai should be it. Fujita takes this very personally.

Murder ;; The victim is Oshiro Atsuma. The cause of death is blunt force trauma to the head when he hits the top of the elevator. The killer is Fujita Kasumi, who fucked around with the hotel's elevator and turned it into a murder weapon. She lures Oshiro out of his room by telling him that she would like to make up, seeing as there's been a pretty long-going rivalry between them, with Oshiro having previously had feelings for Iwai, and Fujita being pretty dedicated to Iwai on her own.

Trial ;; The trial is pretty standard as first ones go. Blame gets shuffled around for a while while they try to decide how Oshiro was taken to the elevator and forced down. At first, they assume it must have been someone bigger, shoving Oshiro into the elevator and forcing him to stay in while they close the doors and cord the elevator cord. Eventually, though, it gets mentioned that there was evidence of tampering on the elevator panel, and blame starts shifting to Fujita. She tries to defend herself by saying she wasn't strong enough to fight Oshiro, but some incriminating evidence (idk maybe she slipped a note to him at some point or she lets a detail she shouldn't know slip) causes her to falter and admit the truth.

Execution ;;

Gift ;;

Chapter Two --

Title ;; A Sip From The Devil's Cup

Plot Details ;;

Motive ;;

Murder ;; The victim is Ishikawa Kouki. The cause of death seems to be several deep stabwounds. However, closer investigation would reveal that those stab wounds alone would probably not be enough to cause death, especially since there isn't quite as much blood as expected. It is also noted that it seems like the victim coughed up blood and excessive tear stains are seen around the eyes and running down the side of the face. It looks like the victim died in a lot of pain. The killer is Ikeru Shion, who poisoned the victim and then stabbed them repeatedly after to make it look like that was the cause of death instead.

Trial ;;

Gift ;;

Chapter Three --

Title ;; Danseur d'Auberge

Plot Details ;;

Motive ;; Shiroshiba is sick of all these piddley motives and turns off the electricity and withholds food until someone fucking dies. He insists that no one is allowed to be a hero and kill themselves, or else everyone will suffer a worse fate.

Murder ;; The victim is Konishi Shuuya. The cause of death is suffocation. He seems to have died peacefully. The killer is Takenaka Naomi. Normally, Konishi would be the type of character to kill himself rather than get others involved, but after Shiroshiba's threat that suicides would not be counted as murders and would therefore be pointless, the two make an agreement to save everyone from the current motive and with the hope of putting an end to the killing game.

Trial ;; Takenaka is probably quiet for a lot of the trial. He'd been crying since the investigation started, and no one really wanted to start cross-examining him. However, telling evidence starts to point to him (maybe some of his hair is left on the pillow or something) and everyone slowly starts to gravitate towards him. Eventually, he cracks, and he claims that he did it because Konishi was an easy target for him, and that he had been planning it for a while. He does this because he hates himself for having given in and killed Konishi, so he wants everyone else to hate him. After voting time, Shiroshiba reveals that he and Konishi planned it together so that everyone wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

Execution: Ice King's Funeral ;; The scene starts with Takenaka lying on his back in a viking longboat, arms cross over his chest. He stares up at the sky with a resigned look on his face. The water all around him is completely frozen. At first, nothing happens, and Takenaka starts to look nervous, until something is rolled towards the boat. It's a dry ice bomb, and it explodes, making a loud noise and causing Takenaka to flinch. Shiroshiba continues rolling the bombs towards him in droves, and after a short time, the boat starts to splinter from the ice surrounding it, and the force from the bombs starts to crack the ice. Freezing water starts to flood the boat, and Takenaka begins to panic, and his boat begins to sink. Within a few moments, it sinks completely, and the ice freezes over again.

Gift ;;

Chapter Four --

Title ;; Love, The Royal We

Plot Details ;; Having grown bored of the motives he views as "harmless," Shiroshiba decides he needs something a little more drastic and takes a hostage for torture. Each day, the torture gets increasingly worse, until the victim will ultimately die. Augustus begins to panic, and frantically he begins to search for a way to break Kato out. At one point, he probably manages to actually speak to her, and promises he'll break her free. In return, she makes him promise that he won't kill to free her, and he agrees.

Motive ;; One student is selected at random, and the student ends up being Kato Michiko. She is torn from the rest of the class and for the remainder of the day, no one knows what is going to happen. The next day, however, she is tortured publicly by Shiroshiba (probably something minor but no less traumatising to her and everyone else). Shiroshiba announces his motive, that every day there isn't a murder, the torture he bestows upon Kato will become increasingly worse. Some of these methods included waterboarding, harsh beatings, branding with hot coals, near drowning, near asphyxiation, sleep deprivation, starvation, and ultimately crucifixion, which is what makes the killer finally snap. She is shown the murder that Augustus commits, and by the mastermind himself no less. Following this, her tongue is cut out, so that she won't be able to sway the trial, nor will she be able to reveal the identity of the mastermind.

Murder ;; The victim is Ueno Katsurou. The cause of death is a snapped neck. The killer is Augustus Rosa. At that point, he didn't care about his own life, and just wanted to save Kato from the certain death she would have met otherwise.

Trial ;; Despite the excessive torture, Kato is forced to attend the trial. It is revealed at some point by Shiroshiba that she knows who the killer is, and the others jump on her to give it up in their desperation to save themselves. This infuriates Augustus, and he snaps them. This also leads to him purposefully drop some kind of important hint or clue that will lead them to discover that he is the killer.

Gift ;; Royal Circlet

Chapter Five --

Title ;;

Plot Details ;; Arakida is possibly killed on accident while messing with the bomb.

Motive ;; A bomb is placed in the lobby of the hotel, with a timer that is slowly counting down. Shiroshiba informs the remaining students that if a murder is not committed before the timer completes its countdown, he will blow everyone up.

Murder ;; The victim is Arakida Kagari. There is no killer, because it was an accident, but the kids aren't told this. Instead, the mastermind scatters fake evidence to point to the killer being Akiyama Kazue.

Trial ;;  The trial starts off with everyone being pretty sure that Akiyama did it, but not really wanting to believe that. Akiyama, of course, claims she didn't do it and starts freaking out and trying to make up excuses at first, but as time goes on, the others start to realise there's something really fishy about the trial, and after grilling Akiyama a little more, they realise she's been set up, and they all actually have alibis. Shiroshiba / the mastermind, pissed that they all found out, executes Akiyama anyway, and everyone is extremely angry.

Chapter Six --

Title ;;

Plot Details ;;

Motive ;; After the mastermind plants evidence, the kids decide they're tired of playing by the rules, and work to figure out who the mastermind is and overthrow this whole shitty game.

Murder ;;

Trial ;;

Gift ;;

The Hotel --

To be determined...

- Nanako is killed as an example that Shiroshiba isn't fucking around

- Fujita kills Oshiro.

(The rest of the events are not in order and are just me putting down thoughts)

- Takenaka kills Konishi because of an agreement to save everyone from the motive

- Ikeru kills someone

- Arakida is killed accidentally. rip.

- Four total murderers so far

Hayashi, Ueno, and Ishikawa possibly die.

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