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Prologue --

Title ;; Ghost Town Getaway

Plot Details ;; Shiroshiba assures everyone it's just a getaway to an abandoned town. This is clearly suspicious, but nothing is necessarily menacing, so they put up with it for a couple days and life is pretty great. Eventually, however, Shiroshiba reveals that there must be a murder and the killer must get away with it, and then everything can go back to normal.

Chapter One --

Title ;; Village People

Plot Details ;; The atmosphere becomes tense. Shiroshiba starts leaving weapons hanging around - things like a pistol on the breakfast table or a bat leaning against the apartments. Everyone becomes pretty paranoid until someone finally gets killed. He doesn't tell them about the trial and the execution until someone is actually murdered.

Motive ;; Things start to become mildly inconvenient for the kiddos lowkey like the plagues from the Bible or whatever. Loud noises or obnoxious music will be blasted at night when they're trying to sleep, they'll go to get milk from the grocery store and it'll all be expired. At one point, Shiroshiba dumps a fuckton of spiders in the dining area. At first everyone is like "this is the lamest motive ever," but tensions start to run high. Moto probably slips on a banana peels and snaps.

Murder ;; The victim is Takeda Shirogane. The cause of death is blunt force trauma to the head with a large rock. The killer is Moto Akira. Takeda had gone off with Moto to talk, noting that the prankster had seemed awfully tense lately, moreso than any of the others. Moto, however, is unable to handle the circumstances and fears that Takeda is going to kill him first, so he acts pretty much without thinking.

Trial ;; The trial isn’t too difficult. In the end, Moto is able to face his execution knowing that his friends will be safe and no one else will have to die.

Execution ;; Carnivore || A chain drags Moto towards a huge cage with a sheet hung over it. He is pulled into the cage and it slams shut behind him. Shiroshiba pulls off the sheet with a flourish, and Moto is trapped in a massive birdcage, faced by a massive lion with only a stool in his hand. Immediately, he bangs his hand on the cage door, crying and screaming to let him out, while the big cat prowls towards him. He turns to face it, stool in hand, trying to fend it off with the stool. The lion destroys the stool in one bite, before bearing on Moto, devouring him.

Gift ;; Joke Book

Chapter Two --

Title ;;

Plot Details ;; After Moto’s execution, Shiroshiba informs them all that he was lying and they’re not going back to their old life. Despite his earlier words, they are still expected to kill each other, especially if they ever want to escape this ghost town.

Motive ;; Fame and renown in the killer’s industry.

Murder ;; The victim is Inokuma Yuuki. The cause of death is metabolic acidosis (excessive quantities of acid in the body). However, this is not listed on the Shiroshiba file. Instead, the file notes the multiple stab wounds on her body, but also notes that it’s unlikely these stab wounds would lead to death unless gone for a long time without medical treatment. It hints that an internal factor might have been the victim’s ultimate death. The killer is Saito Daichi, who injects Inokuma with either hydrochloric acid or nitric acid, either near the heart or into the carotid artery.

Trial ;; Saito gives himself away when they’re discussing what exactly killed her internally. They know some kind of foreign substance/chemical/whatever made it into her body, but Saito slips and mentions something like “Who would inject someone with acid?” despite no one having ever said anything about acid.

Execution ;; Operation || Saito is dragged into an operating room, and a thin, see-through curtain is drawn between him and the screen. A light turns on behind the curtain, illuminating the silhouettes of him and Shiroshiba behind the curtain. A monitor nearby shows an electrocardiogram, with the heart beating very quickly. Shiroshiba stabs a knife into Saito's midsection, and Saito is cearly screaming in pain. The knife is dragged down, and Shiroshiba starts digging into Saito, pulling out a ton of random items and tossing them to the side. Saito is screaming the whole time and the electrocardiogram is going wild. Finally, Shiroshiba pulls out a beating heart, and holds it up. Saito stops screaming, and the electrocardiogram goes dead.

Gift ;; Lab Coat

Chapter Three --

Title ;; How (Not) To Get Away With Murder

Plot Details ;; Shimizu gives Kobayashi a glow in the dark patch on his hoodie at some point, either in this chapter or the previous one.

Motive ;; A fuckton of yen.

Murder ;; The victims are Yamamoto Hoshiko and Kobayashi Ryuu. Yamamoto is found first. Her cause of death is a series of deep stab wounds that form the constellation Orion. Kobayashi is later found in a pitch black room, his cause of death being blunt force trauma to the head. He’s also found with brushing on his face and arms. His own flashlight was used to kill him, the batteries having been taken out so that he couldn’t use it to illuminate the dark room. The kill is Nishiki Aeko, who wanted to kill her victims in unique and ironic ways.

Trial ;; Nishiki expresses little remorse for killing Yamamoto and Kobayashi. Shimizu probably breaks down a little bit, feeling like Kobayashi’s death was her fault because Nishiki used the glow in the dark patch on his hoodie to find in the darkness.

Execution ;;

Gift ;; Handcuffs

Chapter Four --

Title ;; The Man With The Power (tentative?)

Plot Details ;; Inoue politely but sternly confronts Kamakiri about their harshness towards Sayuri during trials. Kamakiri is not amused.

Motive ;; Dark secrets being revealed.

Murder ;; The victim is Inoue Akemi. The cause of death is decapitation (?). Her head is found in the open in some building or room, while the body was hidden somewhere else. The killer is Kamakiri, who chose Inoue as their victim because of a bone they had to pick with her. They plan out an elaborate murder akin to the strategising used to play chess.

Trial ;; Sayuri goes all out during the investigation, determined to seek revenge on the killer of her girlfriend. Kamakiri’s patronising only gets worse during this trial. They also point out no one has an alibi (they’d planned that out before even striking) and that the killer could be anyone. They say it could have been Sayuri because she was closest to Inoue, and Sayuri breaks down, but it clicks that literally the only one who commit such a clean, well-thought out murder like this is someone who is incredible at strategising in the first place. When Kamakiri is finally convicted, Shiroshiba shares the story of how they witnessed their mother being murdered at a young age and their father threatened to kill them if they ever let the secret get out. This motivated them to kill because they still fear their father and his threat to this day. Just before they go off to their execution, they turn their back on everyone and say something like, “I guess I’m no different from him after all, in the end.”

Execution ;;

Gift ;; White pawn

Chapter Five --

Title ;; The World Moves For Love

Plot Details ;;

Motive ;; Shiroshiba begins closing places off. The borders begin to shrink essentially, and though this doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, eventually vital places, like the grocery and convenience stores are closed down and the water is probably shut off at some point, too.

Murder ;; The victim (and killer) is Rina. The cause of death is suicide, even if this is not written on the Shiroshiba file.

Trial ;; idk much yet but it’s definitely very emotionally charged.

Execution ;;

Gift ;;

Chapter Six --

Title ;;

Plot Details ;; Tempers begin to run high as numbers dwindle, and the kiddos are desperate to find a way out of this hellhole because it doesn’t seem like an end is going to be put to things. At one point, Hisakawa proposes climbing the fence. She is able to disable the electric current, but she doesn’t know how long it will work for since it probably has some sort of automatic reboot mechanism and no one knows how long it will take. Kuroda demands to follow Hisakawa, and if Hisakawa lets her, the bad end is achieved. If she doesn’t, the two get into an argument and Kuroda storms off. Instead, Shimizu finds Hisakawa and tries to go after her.

Motive ;; There is no motive proposed by Shiroshiba. Instead, their own desperation to get out serves as a motive of sorts.

Murder ;; There are two possible paths, the bad ending, and the true ending. In the bad ending, the victim is Kuroda Tori, and in the true ending, the victim is Shimizu Hiroko. The cause of death is electrocution, because after Hisakawa climbs the fence, they try to follow, and the electric current is turned back on. Hisakawa is deemed the killer.

Trial ;; Hisakawa gives herself up without a fight. She is executed, but, miraculously (or maybe not so miraculously) she survives. Of course, she suffers some pretty nasty damage. If the bad end, then she pretty much just gives up and they’re trapped in the town forever. If the true end, Kuroda manages to drag her out of her depression and reignited her desire to

Execution ;;

Gift ;; Creamsicle Ribbon -- Hisakawa takes off her ribbon to symbolise giving up. Kuroda holds on to it and gives it back to her much later, after everything is over.

Chapter Seven --

Title ;;

Plot Details ;; Mastermind reveal

Motive ;; Solve the mystery and everyone gets to leave.

Trial ;; The mastermind is Tachibana Emi. I’ve got nothing beyond that except she’s executed at the end.

Execution ;;

Gift ;; Collectible pins.

Layout of the Town --

Welcome to hell. Population: 16. And a "dog." For some strange, unknown reason, however, the population seems to be shrinking.

It's a small town with lots of abandoned and crumbling buildings, as well as overgrown flora. No one's lived here for decades, that's for sure. Until now, anyway. Surrounding the town is a dense forest, and there don't seem to be any means of outside communication. Luckily, the weather isn't too bad. It rains one or twice a week, maybe more, and the climate is never too hot or too cold. Not exactly an ideal place for a vacation, but honestly, it doesn't seem like that bad a place to live. So why is everyone inside trying to get out? Oh, that's right.

[ x ] Electric Fence ;; A tall, electrified fence surrounds the town. The current is strong enough to kill most people who touch it. It can be switched off, but it’s set to turn back on after a random amount of time.

[ x ] Water Tower ;; A massive water tower located at the dead center of the town. Supposedly, it's still functional. It just happens to look a little decrepit.

[ x ] Apartment Building ;; Featuring one apartment for each of the kids, as well as a well-equipped kitchen and both an indoor and outdoor dining area. There is a swimming pool outback. It is located next to the Water Tower.

[ x ] Swimming Pool ;; Found in a fenced-in area behind the apartment complex. Despite the rather run-down feeling of the town and much of the environment around the pool, the water is surprisingly clear and inviting. The pool features a deep end and a shallow end.

[ x ] Town Hall ;; Across from the apartments is the town hall, arguably one of the most important buildings in this little ghost town. There's a conference room inside, among some other, less important things. Oh, and don't forget the huge trial room located directly beneath it. There are some nice, colourful flowers hanging outside the windows, but who's in charge of taking care of them? Whoever it is, they're not doing a very good job.

[ x ] Convenience Store ;; For those who simply want a bottle of soda or a bag of chips or a pint of ice cream and don't feel like walking all the way to the shopping district, especially if it's after dark, there's a corner market about a minute's walk away from the Water Tower. Obviously, it's not quite as impressive as the grocery store, but it's, well, convenient.

[ x ] The Shopping District ;; It's located a good walk's distance from the apartment complex, but there are a few stores and warehouses here that one might find useful. Though it appears that several of the buildings are empty and inaccessible, some of them are still up and running, such as the grocery and hardware stores.

[ x ] Grocery Store ;; Though it looks a little run-down on the outside, it's rather well stocked on the inside, holding just about any food that one can desire, and at the stunning price of free!

[ x ] Hardware Store ;; Just across from the grocery store is a hardware store. There's a lot to look at in here, and it offers different materials that one might find useful. Wood, nails, flashlights, utility tools, possible murder weapons. Whatever one might need to survive and get by here in this abandoned town.

[ x ] Pharmacy ;; Any sort of medication you could possible hope for can be found stocking the shelves in here, as well as other, more questionable things. What could one possibly need nitric acid, or cyanide, or batrachotoxin for?

[ x ] Library ;; Also located in the shopping district is a small library. There are a lot of books to be found in here, sure to cater to the tastes of fans of every genre. One does not need to check out a book, either. Just take it and leave. Who cares if you bring it back? There's no fines to be found here.

[ x ] Cinema ;; Don't get your hopes up. Though there is a movie theatre situated next to the library, there isn't much to be seen there. There aren't any movies showing, but, hey, it might be cool to poke around inside. It's probably pretty creepy in there.

[ x ] Church ;; Okay, yeah, this place is definitely haunted. Like without a doubt extremely haunted. Why would you even want to go in here.

[ x ] Abandoned Warehouses ;; There are several abandoned warehouses scattered throughout the town. Some of them are locked up tight, others are easily accessible. Wonder why that might be. They're kind of creepy and definitely not the sort of place you would want to be caught inside after dark. There's not much of interest in them, either. A lot of crates and storage things. Probably some rats, too.

[ x ] County Jail ;; Located all the way on the southern outskirts of the town is a small jail. Not too sure why you'd want to go inside of it, or anywhere near it for that matter, but it's completely open and unlocked for anyone who's curious.

[ x ] The Woods ;; Thick, creepy woodlands surround the town. The electric fence runs through these woods. It isn't uncommon for them to be laced with thick fog, especially in the morning or evening hours. Walking through them, one gets an eerie, creepy feeling, like they're being watched or about to be murdered. Interesting.

[ x ] The Watermill ;; There's a river that goes through the woods, and if one follows it far enough they'll come across a watermill. Inside, you will find the controls for the electric fence.

[ x ] The Old Chateau ;; If one goes deep enough into the woods, they will come across a creepy, fog-shrouded mansion. It's unlocked, too, so explore it to your heart's desire. Oh, yeah, it's definitely haunted, in case you were curious.

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